Hair Care – Synthetic Wigs

Synthetic wigs are a great alternative to human hair wigs for a plethora of reasons, please see our blog post “Human Hair Wigs vs. Synthetic Wigs – What fits your lifestyle?” However, in order to maximize the life span of your synthetic wigs, you must care for them properly. Keep reading to find out some helpful tips for keeping your synthetic wig in tip top shape.

Avoid sleeping with your wig on.
This can cause tangling and shedding. Even if you just so happen to fall asleep with your unit on, make sure to have use a silk pillowcase, head wrap, or bonnet to protect it.

Wash your wig periodically.
It is standard to wash your wig every 2 weeks or 6-8 wears. This all depends on how often you wear your unit. Using laundry detergent over traditional shampoo is recommended due to the unit being made of synthetic fibers. There is also specially made synthetic wig shampoo to use, available at your favorite local or online retailers.

Detangle wig before wearing it.
Do so gently with a wide tooth comb or brush. Just because it is not made of human hair, does not mean it does not need to be detangled.

Trim your wig as needed.
Snag here, tangle there. Trimming your wig can help minimize the amount of snags and tangles your wig can have over time.

Store your wig properly.
Stuffing your wig into an old shoebox in the corner of your closet is a convenient idea but not a good idea. If you are an avid wig wearer, investing in wig heads and tripods for them is the best idea. You can also buy a wig hanger or store your wigs in a silk wig bag.

Your wigs are an investment. Take good care of them!