A Beginners Guide To Understanding Lace

Wearing wigs are tricky because everyone wants a wig that fits them and looks as natural as possible. Over the last few years, lace wigs have become more popular than ever before. You would always see them being used on movie sets and celebs, but the access to having a good lace laid has definitely […]

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Where Did Wigs Come From?

The wearing of wigs dates back to ancient times. One of the first groups of people who wore wigs were the Egyptians. Before they were worn as stylish additions to an ensemble, they were worn to protect Egyptian heads from the sun and vermin. Though there were wigs made of human hair, cheaper units made […]

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Protective Styles – PROTECT NOT NEGLECT

What is a protective style? Exactly what it says it is. Any style that minimizes the manipulation of your natural hair, in turn, protecting it. These styles allow for us to tuck away our ends, which happen to be the most vulnerable part of our hair. They also allow our hair to grow in peace, […]

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